“Chris is the best percussion teacher I have ever had in my musical career. From day one, he taught very basic but incredibly important percussion fundamentals. This included using proper technique before even worrying about the music being played. I am still thankful for this lesson to this day, because I still play often and having technique has helped me be an extremely proficient player. I have met many musicians who play at a very high level, but still lack proper technique. After fundamentals like technique and music theory were well in place, Chris emphasized musicality. Not every percussionist thinks about musicality with the nature of their instruments, but the emphasis Chris put on this area made my performances become about more than the notes on the page. He helped me learn about proper phrasing and musical interpretation. It was at that point as his student that I truly felt like a musician. Chris has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to percussion and the whole world of music. He is a delight as a teacher and a friend. I always enjoy conversations with him, and any student would be lucky to have him as a teacher.” Henry Moyerman, former student
“Quite simply, Chris is one of the best percussionists and percussion instructors in the St. Louis area!  We have had more than a few students study with him.  He cares deeply about each student and provides each with encouragement, humor, and the skills needed for success.  We taught in the St. Louis area for over 20 years and highly respect and admire him. Chris is the first person we think of when we are asked to recommend a quality percussion teacher.”    John and Ellen Miller, former teachers at Lutheran High School South. 
“I was very fortunate to have studied percussion with Chris growing up in St. Louis.   As a young player, he went beyond lessons to provide performance and competition opportunities
that gave me extremely valuable performance experience.  Without his training, I wouldn’t be the player and musician that I am today.”
Greg Cohen
Principal Percussion – San Diego Symphony
Lecturer – San Diego State University
Zildjian – Orchestral Artist
Chris Treloar is both a gifted musician and a gifted instructor. His love for music, especially percussion, performance, and music theory is evident through his teaching and performing.  Our daughter has been challenged as a musician throughout her 7 years under Chris’ tutelage. He offers multiple opportunities for growth, and pushes her to excel on a weekly basis.  He continues to instill a passion for music in our daughter, while providing a caring and healthy environment for lessons.
Robyn Armbrust
Administrative Coordinator
Pastoral Education Department
The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
1333 S. Kirkwood Rd
St. Louis, MO 63122
800-248-1930, Ext. 1254
I have had both the privilege and pleasure of working with Chris Treloar as a performer and teacher for nearly three decades.  He played for me in the Washington University Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra, the Mighty Mississippi Concert Band of St. Louis (a professional ensemble), in the Saint Louis Wind Symphony, as well as various other ensembles which I have conducted. Chris has always displayed the utmost musical integrity in his preparation and execution of the literature for which he was responsible, and whether he was playing timpani, mallets, drum set or misc. percussion, I always felt totally confident that his output would be spot-on. And equally important, he maintains a professional attitude and is well-liked and respected by his colleagues. 

Chris brings the same sense of professionalism into the realm of teaching.  Not only does he teach the the mechanics of playing, but he instills in his students the professional ethics expected of a percussionist.  We have had conversations about this, and I have witnessed the results from his students.  
I am pleased to be able to write a recommendation for Chris,  and I feel totally confident when I give him my highest recommendation. 
Dan Presgrave, Founder/Conductor Emeritus
Saint Louis Wind Symphony